A world on the run…American Christians too?

As tensions rise in Iraq, Christians flee by the thousands in exodus caused by the declaration of an Islamic state by the Sunni’s back in June of 2014. It has been reported that Christians face a “convert to Islam or else” mentality within the decaying country. As the current Iraqi regime looks to stop the loss of territory, it has vowed to assist Kurdish efforts in the north as they too are combating Sunni efforts.

While all this occurs, it is not only evident that most of the progress America and its troops made in Desert Storm II, but much of the financial aid Americans have contributed to Iraq in our parent – foster child arrangement has been compromised and wasted. Watching this deterioration only compounds the fact the Christian brothers and sisters are being forced to flee or face persecution, something very uncommon and for most an un-relatable concept, here in Western society.

As conflict occurs in Israel, the Ukraine, and Syria and battles still raging in Libya, Yemen and Egypt it is easy to ask to point fingers at governments and wonder what is being done to bring cease fires, and peaceful resolution to issues, which have plagued many of these regions for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

But here is a more direct and personal question Christians. What can we do to help stop decay in the world so our brethren in Christ don’t have to run? Are American Christians on the run and nobody chasing us? It appears we are losing the moral war here in America. There is no physical conflict to speak of within the soils of the land of milk and honey but yet have Christians lost much of the ground gained by their forefathers? Moral decay runs rampant as Christians are losing ground by not standing their ground with LGBT issues and on the immigration front. School shootings are at an all time high while families struggle to find balance between raising kids and monitoring screen time. All while our brethren are struggling with their faith — by keeping alive!

I realize there is no silver bullet answer to these questions and the answers are different for everyone – but our answer should never be “nothing”. Is it prayer, missions, or funding? I don’t know. Is it awareness, kindness and more compassion? Perhaps. Whatever it may be for you…I am most certain it is not nothing. I’m wondering, just wondering if America can do better?

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