Soup: The New Act of Rebellion

NEW ORLEANS: Teresa Barnhill decided it was time that she spread her wings and fly into the world of rebellion. Her first stop, the tattoo parlor. Awestruck at the beautiful artwork she was especially drawn to the wall of Chinese symbols. They look cool right? With her mind made up and no turning back, she decided to get the Chinese symbol for “Courage” branded on her neck forever. Who can’t relate with “Courage” right. Later that day when she returned home donning her new body art, her clever little brother jumped on Google and looked up “Courage” in the Chinese dictionary. When he noticed that this was not the symbol she had painted on her neck, he snapped this picture and began to dig. I am sure that it is every little brother’s dream to make his older sister feel like the size of an ant, and this time was no different. He struck gold! The symbol on Teresa’s forever marked neck does not mean “Corage” at all. It is actually the Chinese symbol for “Soup”!

So the positive message in this fiasco is that it takes a lot of “Courage” to get a Chinese tattoo of “Soup” – anyone down for some won-tons?






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