Religion And Politics – Should We Mix The Two?

Many Christians have come to accept the notion that engaging in politics whilst using their faith as a foundation is wrong or unacceptable in today’s society. This plays into the rampant apathy of today’s generation, and only serves as a testament to the steady decline of our society and government. You’ll hear many people cite “Separation of Church and State” as their main reason for attacking Christians who come out in faith whilst engaging in political debate or commentary, yet if we are going to truly act as propellants of our faith throughout the world – Isn’t engagement in politics one of the greatest and most effective ways to do so? Allow me to explain: Politics is the operation of government and governmental affairs, and government has the right to oversee and preside over the people of a nation, as well as the authority and exclusive ability to make law, see that justice is carried out in all instances, regulate various aspects of commerce, and protect the people from other nations and foreign/domestic threats, among other things. Christianity, which is classified as a “religion” but is truly the hope for the salvation of all mankind, is mostly based on the ideas of “good” and “evil.” Within government and within society in general evil is a constant force in the forms of corruption, criminal activity, the rampant lying within the political realm, etc. Christians not only have a vested interest, but a duty to get involved in the matters of politics – Because politics is that one, seemingly avoidable yet obviously unavoidable term which oversees the operation of all society and all government.


Knowing that the world is full of evil, and knowing that every single day injustice occurs on a massive scale within our own nation (Abortion for instance) and within the other nations and societies of the world. We have allowed our apathy to overshadow our war cry, and we have allowed evil to lay siege to the greatest of institutions (Marriage for instance.) Christians have a duty to stand up for truth, and to proclaim what is true and just even in the face of enormous persecution. We have allowed our society’s conformist-tendencies to morph us into silent, ignorant, and apathetic people who wouldn’t dare to speak out against an unjust act or to call out a lie as it is, because in that case we would no longer “fit in” with society. In other words, Christians of today are generally becoming more “of the world” than “of Christ,” and in return we have allowed the bible to be banned from schools and all other governmental institutions, we have allowed the constitution and the rights laid down within its text to be theoretically ripped to shreds in front of the entire American populace, and we have repeatedly surrendered to the enemy for the sake of “fitting in” with the crowd and being “popular” or “well-liked.” The statement “I’m a Christian, but I don’t think I should force my beliefs on others” has become the war cry of those who seek to completely abolish the foundations of this great nation; and through it all, we have remained silent.

Christians, our war cry is the war cry of the angels; the word of God and the truth of his son. This is a war for the future of our nation, and everything is at stake. Let us find inspiration from the men of the American revolution: Regular farmers, ranchers, shopkeepers, lawyers, and men from every class and profession of colonial society; but men who desired the ideals of freedom and liberty, and who rallied at the sound of the church bell, and marched in unorderly file to take on the largest and most powerful army in the world. We are going to war, let us sound the bells of freedom, of liberty, of justice, and of truth. This is not a war of flesh and blood, but a war of the mind; a war of individual ideologies and beliefs which will shape the future of our nation and the lives of our posterity.

“Anyone who desires to be ignorant and free, desires what never was and never will be.” – Thomas Jefferson


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