“Pop Culture” And Society

Pop Culture

Throughout any ordinary day, we all most likely come into contact with at least some aspects of the “Pop Culture” mentality of today. Whether it’s the latest gossip magazine, satire website, celebrity-based advertisement, or even the songs that we listen to on the radio on our way home from work or school. What exactly does this new-age of “Pop Culture” mean for Christians, who instead of focusing on the progressive aspects of social justice, tend to lean towards basic traditionalist beliefs which form both our society and our way of life? In this article I plan to analyze “Pop Culture” from an outside perspective, but also as a young man who has been born into this “new generation.”

The widely-used and appreciated website Dictionary.com explains “Pop Culture” as: “Cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people.”

“Pop Culture” is basically “what’s in-style” or what Society deems “normal” at a certain period in time. According to this definition, “Pop Culture” is also derived from the “tastes of the general masses of people.” Styles, fashion, celebrities, and genres are all examples of “Pop Culture,” and as we all know, these areas of our culture sway back and forth ceaselessly, with something being “in-style” one day and then immediately forgotten in the next month. The idea behind “Pop Culture” is not necessarily wrong or evil, but it is often misleading to the general public and to the youth of today.

The majority of us want to be liked and accepted by the crowd or the masses, we feel that we need to be “popular” in order to be worth anything in life. Every day a multitude of teenagers (and even adults) contemplate suicide, deal with depression, and reject the foundations of Christian faith because of our society’s “On steroids” version of the “Pop Culture” mentality. Our society is addicted to the ways of the world, and we often feel that if we don’t immediately conform to what the world tells us to do that we’re failures in life. The truth is that this entire mentality of “Pop Culture” is only contributing to the fall of this great nation once known as the United States of America, a nation derived from CHRISTIAN principles of freedom, self-motivation, innovation, love, and perseverance. We want to fit in, we want to be liked, and we want to feel accepted, and this mentality often leads us to the point where we completely forget where we came from, who made us, and who we truly owe our allegiance to. Society is great: It allows us to cooperate with our fellow man to contribute to the world and to ensure our own safety, survival, and security; But as our society begins to drift away from its founding principles and ways-of-life, and instead adopts the principles of arrogance, lust, and self-righteousness; We are quickly taking the sledge hammer to the foundations of this nation and of our society. We have decided that the latest celebrity pregnancy, hit single, or TV program is more important and should take priority over our worship and service of the creator of all things.

When it comes to controversial issues such as Gay Marriage, abortion, or the over-sexualization of American Culture, many people run for the hills; Sprinting towards safety in fear of what society may think of them. “Pop Culture” is simply an aspect of the larger problem: Our constant idea that we “need” to fit in with society, and that we “need” to be accepted by others. In conclusion, it seems that we now inhabit a society where many of us let fear dictate what we will say, how we will say it, and how or if we will act upon it. America is the number one exporter of pornography in the entire international community, “Hollywood” is based on progressive ideologies of “Social justice” rather than “biblical truths,” and nowadays even our children are being subjected to what I have deemed “The Tyranny of Entertainment,” which could also be said is the same as “Tyranny by the majority.” As believers, we should wholeheartedly know that fitting in is not the answer, being accepted is not the answer, being popular is not the answer; the only true answer is to love our brothers and sisters all around the world, and to join with fellow believers in our ultimate fight against evil.

As I always say: Stand Up, Speak Up, and Stay Strong. 

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