OPINION: Collectivism vs. Individualism

Society is truly interesting – It is the combination of the minds of individuals which has allowed mankind to conquer nature and preserve our own existence throughout history. Of course, mankind has often resulted to war and oppression as a means of advancing the greed and lust of individual rulers. There are many who openly and vehemently oppose the collectivist form of thought, and there are others who vehemently oppose individualistic thought, but the true potential of a society can only be unlocked when these two ideologies are combined. To put it simply, an ideal society or even an ideal “team” is based on individualism and recognizes individuals as the base of the collective authority; but at the same time it recognizes collectivism as the combination of individual power and efficiency to double that power and efficiency multiple times over. Basically: Everyone carries their own weight and works to the best of their ability based on individualism, but when a member can no longer carry their load, it is the duty of the team or of the society to combine the strength of a few additional members to get the injured member “back on their feet.” For a long time I have seen the philosophies of leadership and the “team mentality” which prevails in the progressive and liberal agenda, and at the same time I have seen many “conservatives” who believe that individualism is the only way to accomplish a task and that collectivism is of no use to them – Both of these philosophies are wrong, because society can only exist with members who contribute to its existence and protection; yet at the same time society must recognize the value of collectivism when necessary (i.e. – picking someone up and getting them back on their feet.)

So what is it that makes society great and powerful? It is the combination of individual minds and specialties (individualism/competition) and collectivist thought (team mentality). We cannot seek to preserve the nation we love and the society that has become so corrupted by attempting to completely eradicate either collectivist or individualistic thought. In one of my previous articles, “The Curse of Conformity,” I wrote about when conformity is necessary and acceptable and when it becomes nothing short of tolerance of the perpetuation of evil; The same applies within this article – Collectivist thought is good until it verges onto the line of ultra-conformity or a sheep-like mentality, and individualistic thought is good until it verges on greed and self-righteousness.

The moral of this article is simple – Society is beautiful and society is amazing in its construction and design; but in order to preserve our “city on the hill” society, we must reject our own apathy and remember the values which make a just society great.

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