One Generation Away – A Call to Action

As a Millennial, I am often discouraged by the fact that other generations tend to blame our generation for many of the problems that currently face our nation. In fact, for years, I have been throwing the following saying in the face of those who blame me for things that I have never supported or participated in:

“Why do people blame our generation? Maybe they should stop and think who raised us.”

Regardless of your opinion on who is to blame for our nation’s current struggles, the struggles are there, and, recently, my attitude has shifted from one of defense to one of action. Although everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinions and comment, I believe that, like me, the Christians of our nation need to shift their focus from blame and regret to action and change.

Recently, I had the privilege of viewing the film One Generation Away, a documentary that supports religious liberty, through faith in God and action according to his will. Taking on relevant, controversial issues, such as gay marriage, separation of church and state, and creationism in our school systems, One Generation Away encourages Christians to embrace our freedom and make the most of the opportunity that God has blessed us with, here, in The United States of America.

One Generation Away points out that we, as the big-C Church, are failing our nation, from both a social and religious perspective, and there is no one to blame but us! It is almost as if we expect these issues to correct themselves, but, until we realize that God has called us to be the fisher’s of men, nothing is going to change for the better. It is our job, as Christians, to be the light, in this world filled with darkness. Instead, we like to huddle in our churches and living rooms, where we feel most comfortable, and pray that something will happen to change the world. Certainly, we should pray for our nation on a regular basis, but, as this film points out, there are plenty of opportunities for us to step out of our little bubble of Christ and take a stand against things of this world!

Our liberty is so fragile that we are always “one generation away” from losing what we, as a nation, once fought so hard to gain! As followers of Christ, we must realize that our first obligation is to our God, and, unless we are doing all that we can to spread his love across our nation and the nations of other, we are failing Him.

In 50 years, Millennials might look back and wonder “Why?”… Why did we sit back, in the name of political correctness, and allow our nation to fall? Why did we think that it was somebody else’s job to spread the love of Christ? Why did we blame things on those who came before us? Maybe that blame and that empowering push that has been given to us by prior generations is just what we need to take action and change this nation for the better. If you are responsible for the upbringing of my generation, let me encourage you to continue empowering us. We are looking to you! Continue to show us the problems with our nation. Give us the opportunity to watch films, like One Generation Away, so that we might go from being the problem to being the solution.

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