Madonna Nursing Child Appears in Hardwood Floors

nursing madonna appears in hardwood floor

Nursing madonna appears in hardwood floor.

A man who wishes to remain anonymous sent Trending Christian News this photo of what appears to be a woman nursing her child. But with the classic tilt of the head and downward gaze upon the child, the image is reminiscent of a medieval-style painting leading the man to believe that there could be something more to this plank of wood in his kitchen floor.

“Now, I’m no art historian,” said the man after taking a bite from his moon pie. “But that’s a late Byzantine depiction of the Madonna nursing the Christ-child if I ever saw one. Berlinghieri maybe?”

The Mobile, AL man did not report any other strange occurrences surrounding the iconoclastic discovery other than she seemed to be crying tears of blood one day. But after tasting it, the “tears” turned out to be nothing more than his daughters week-old spilt cool-aid.

This is certainly not the first time divine images have appeared on inanimate objects. Recent sightings include the faces of Jesus and Mary appearing on toast and grilled cheese sandwiches. Still, when these sightings occur it begs the question, “what does it all mean?”

“The take away is God’s everywhere,” said the 37-year-old veterinarian. “Even in my antique heart of pine flooring.”

Madonna nursing child appears in hardwood floors

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