Life Lessons: Before You Plan Another Day…Read This (Psalm 17:8)

“Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings” Psalm 17:8

When you woke up this morning, where did you want to be? It’s easy to get ahead of ourselves and before we even rise from bed, we have already filled the day with tasks, duties, chores, work, errands, meetings and so on. It’s easy to get inundated with life’s “to-dos”, planning this and that. Sometime life is plain hard and can be overwhelming with all the things that need to be accomplished – not to mention the things we want to accomplish!

The psalmist, David, pleads with the Lord. Don’t forget me! Please keep me in the safest of places, Lord! Keep me close to your heart all day long, Lord! It’s a great plea. Who wouldn’t want to be in the shadow of the Lord’s wings? For it is the safest place anyone can be. If we understand what this truly means, we can be rest assured that it is a place of the utmost peace, comfort, joy, provision, care and love.

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