Iraq: Falling Victim To ISIS Militants? – The Latest On The Conflict

                As the ISIS takeover of Iraq continues, the Iraqi government is discombobulated with confusion and reorganization as Prime Minister Maliki agrees to step down as Prime Minister and peacefully hand over power and command of the Iraqi armed forces to the Iraqi President’s new appointee – Hader al-Abadi. Both Maliki and al-Abadi belong to the Dawa party, but it will now be up to al-Abadi to form and organize a new and effective government, whilst winning the votes necessary in the Iraqi parliament and battling against Isis terrorists who continue to gain ground throughout the nation and the region.

                With recent reports indicating a humanitarian and military crisis in relation to Yazidi, Christian, and various other ethnic and religious minorities in the area who were recently forced to flee their homes and take shelter on Mount Sinjar, the U.S. Government recently approved the distribution of humanitarian aid to the displaced refugees as well as several airstrikes against key ISIS positions and emplacements. Both the U.S. and England recently pulled back the rapid distributions of military aid and breathed a sigh of relief as refugees began to flee from the mountain into neighboring villages and nations. Reporters following a family of displaced Iraqi refugees were told by the family that they had been forced to flee for their lives as ISIS militants rapidly approached their village, and whilst fleeing were made victim to ISIS forces firing on civilians attempting to flee across a bridge. Thankfully, this family was found safe and eventually evacuated to an Iraqi-controlled city where they are currently residing in poor and unfavorable conditions within an abandoned concrete building amongst many other refugees and their families.

                Reports of ISIS militants beheading children, executing and crucifying anyone who opposes their rule, and killing civilians for the sake of it are rampant across various media channels. I recently came across an article which pointed towards the “Political” side of the ISIS military force, indicating that in various ISIS-controlled areas in the region, the establishment of the Islamic “caliphate” is the main goal, but at the same time ISIS military forces provide welfare and medical assistance to those in need, provide a police force, and have set up interim governments which enforce Islamic religious law under the modern-day “caliphate” that ISIS militants claim is their reason for massacring innocent civilians and persecuting minorities who do not submit to Islamic rule or law. The interesting thing about this is that ISIS has not fallen victim to stupidity, and is instead making various efforts to organize this new caliphate-oriented system of government with the intent to restore order whilst obtaining the support of the hearts and minds of the populations subject to their authority and control.

                In summary, the Iraqi government is scrambling to reorganize itself and its military forces after a rapid governmental exchange of power, while also fighting a war in which its security forces have been repeatedly beaten back by ISIS forces. Military forces known as the Kurdish “peshmerga” are putting up strong resistance against ISIS forces, with the UK recently making remarks that it may attempt to arm the paramilitary force in its fight against ISIS.  At the same time ISIS is not a purely military organization, and is using various political and propaganda-oriented temporary forms of government over its controlled towns and villages in its attempt to establish the modern-day “caliphate” it so desperately hopes to achieve – As evidenced by its rampant and almost unstoppable Islamic crusade over the region in the past few weeks.

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