Governor Rick Perry Indicted By Grand Jury

                The current and well-known Governor of the state of Texas, Rick Perry, was indicted today on two felony charges related to his recent veto of legislation which aimed to provide funding for the “Public Integrity Unit” of the Travis County District Attorney’s Office. Governor Perry exercised a veto after the District Attorney of Travis County, Rosemary Lehmberg, refused to step down after being arrested for a DUI – Governor Perry had previously threatened that he would veto the bill if she did not resign her office as District Attorney.

                According to the official indictment, which was provided courtesy of CNN, the charges filed against Governor Perry are “Abuse of Official Capacity,” and “Coercion Of Public Servant.” Both of these charges are felonies and were approved within the indictment which was handed down today by a grand jury. Governor Perry’s political opponents have already taken to attacking him and his office, using the indictment as a source of evidence for their claims of his faulty leadership. Perry’s term expires in January of 2015, and the election is already heavily contested with the Republican Candidate Greg Abbott battling against Democratic opponent Wendy Davis.

Read the Indictment:

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