Evangelism Report, On The Ground In Kenya

by Andreas Mehrguth, e3 Legacy

trending-christian-e3-partners-image-4Every day holds a new adventure as we look out the window from our early morning leaders’ meeting and watch the sun rise over the African plain. The colors that blaze and signal the start of a new day remind us of the creative genius of our Creator, and a personal relationship with their Creator is what we are offering the Ilchamus. I have never figured out how a country famous for their coffee beans rolls out Nescafe instant for our early cup of Joe, but that is how we start our day. As the alarms start to sound and the leaders begin to file into the meeting the instant coffee is everyone’s first stop. We are blessed with an excellent group of site leaders who lead well, and humbly serve their team members.

In our leaders’ meeting we address any specific concerns from the individual sites, and focus on our primary goal for that specific day. As we wrap up our leaders meeting, we can already hear the rest of the team as they begin our morning devotional time with some songs of worship. In our devotional time we have been working through a little book, by the late Dr. Bill Bright, called “How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit.” Our devotionals end around 8:00 am, and we all scramble downstairs for our breakfast. Every team member gets to choose from either a Spanish omelette, or omelette plain. The eggs our served with a piece of sausage and a few slices of toast.

trending-christian-e3-partners-image-3After breakfast we all pile into our vehicles and drive about 15 minutes to a local church where the building is filled to capacity as we are joined by our national workers and translators. We have a short training time every morning and then spend the rest of our time at the church breaking into small discipleship groups. Each American is teamed with their translator and national worker as the American models and then hands off the leadership to their national. Since Tuesday, the national workers are the ones who have been leading, and although they struggled in the beginning, they have become quite adept at leading their groups.

By 10:45, we are piled back into the vans and Land Rovers, but this time fully-loaded with all of our Kenyan partners. Imagine 7- passenger vans with 10 to 15 people and you will get a good picture as to how we travel. The rest of the day is spent meeting with and loving on our new friends in the 9 different sites. Watching the Ilchamus transformed before our very eyes as they realize that they can have a relationship with the Creator of the universe is an amazing privilege.

At this point in the week, most of our time is spent discipling the new Christ followers. They gather in small groups which are going to be the foundation of the new house churches. Then we end our time in the sites with a program specifically for the children. The children listen intently to the bible stories and then spend the rest of their energy playing games with the team members.

trending-christian-e3-partners-image-6Everyone is back at the hotel by the time the sun begins to set and we share a delicious dinner around one huge table. The noise level increases as everyone shares stories of God’s goodness as we finish our meals. Our day wraps up upstairs again as we have a time of worship both in song and in telling the stories of how God used each of the team members to bring glory to Himself that day.

Please pray that God would hold back the thunderstorms that roll in every afternoon until we are all back at the hotel. The clouds look menacing in the distance, but for now the rain is holding off. The team continues to be healthy and strong and we thank you each for your prayers.


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