5 Reasons You Should Buy God’s Not Dead

The film ‘God’s Not Dead’ was the little engine that could this past fall. What started out as a small budget film (considering Hollywood budgets) turned into a Cinderella story for production company, Pure Flix Entertainment, after a $60 million box office score. God’s Not Dead released on DVD yesterday. Here are 5 reasons you should go out and buy this movie today!

God's Not Dead

1. Every high school and college student need to be educated

If you have been living under a rock for the past 15 years, you probably have never heard of the Creation vs. Evolution debate going on in educational institutions all over the world. However, if you are familiar with the arguments and evidence from both sides, you know that this is just another agenda based off assumptions. Sort of like government… I digress.  Kids that are flooding schools and universities all over the world are being brainwashed into thinking creation is just a fable with no scientific evidence to support it. The funny thing is, that the Bible and science have more parallels than not. This movie will give students a basic foundation on which to base their beliefs or unbelief’s. Recommended for any school or college student!

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